Language, stories views and Twitter Likes

Social media has been majorly looked at the one platform through which people can be free and share whatever content that they feel like. It is one platform that has proved very difficult to manage in terms of what people are posting and uploading on it. By and large, the authorities that are there have really not found a sure way of regulating the content that is being posted on the social media sites. There are countries that have tried to institute laws here and there but even the implementation of theses has proved difficult. That being said, it can arguably be said that social media basically boils down to the responsibility and maturity of the user as a person.

Twitter likes are very big for visibility on twitter as a social media platform. Everybody is looking to get these stories views. Every other day, people are tweetingand uploading photos in the hope of attractinga large number of likes. In all these endeavors, there is usually one thing that we tend to ignore; the language that we use in the content that we post.  The language that you use will actually go a long way in determining whether or not you will get the likes that you are looking for.

There is a common misconception that being vile and using vulgar language on twitter is what will work to get you the twitter likes that you are looking for. This cannot be further from the truth. It is important to note that not everybody out there is vile and vulgar and people on twitter are not using it for such purposes. Twitter is one platform that has become a very resourceful and reliable source of information. People are mostly looking for useful information on this platform. This suggests the availability of mature crowd that is looking for something worth reading.

Using the vile and vulgar language might attract one or two people that have the same line of thinking as you do but I can promise you that this will be avery small number compared to the large number of people using twitter on a daily basis. If you truly looking to attract a large number of twitter likes, it would be very good for you to use mature and goodlanguage that people can relate to and feel very comfortable reading. This does not go to say that you should be serious all the time and only post serious content. Of course you can choose to be funny, you can choose to besarcastic, you can have a sense of humor on twitter, and yes it is allowed. What you should stay away from isabusive, condescending and vulgar language as it very quickly shuns people away.

It is not only aboutwhat you say, it is also about how you say it. This is a concept that applies in the real world and is definitely a concept that also applies to twitter especially if you are looking to get those twitter likes.